What We Do

Our group is committed to fighting for the environment across North Carolina, focusing on the following areas:



Our Conservation Committee and supporters watch policy across North Carolina, and organize on environmental policies across sectors. We alert our supporters of these issues, and are very active in local campaigns.

Every year, our conservation committee members help set group priorities affecting our region, including water quality, transportation, and clean energy.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Table to engage the public on critical issues like coal ash, the Clean Power Plan, and wind/solar energy
  • Join a statewide conservation call to discuss campaigns
  • Lobby representatives through meetings, phone calls, and emails
  • Write a letter-to-the-editor to reach a broad audience

political activism

The Sierra Club is one of few environmental organizations that is a 501(c)(4), which means that we can endorse environmentally-friendly candidates and engage in direct political activism.  Additionally, our group and the North Carolina Sierra Club Political Action Committee (PAC) support endorsed candidates in critical races across North Carolina.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Interview local candidates, evaluate environmental records of local/state/national candidates, and endorse on a non-partisan basis
  • Canvass for endorsed candidates
  • Hand out slate cards at the polls
  • Fundraise for NC Sierra Club PAC


The Sierra Club was founded to promote conservation of wilderness areas, and we continue to recognize the importance of Exploring and Enjoying nature!

Our group plans regular outings open to the public, including hikes, kayaking trips, and outdoor clean-ups. Most outings attract 10-30 participants and cover a wide range of interests.

While anyone is welcome to participate in an outing, we are always looking for new leaders. Becoming an outings leader only requires a quick training and certification, and then you can lead any activity you love with others that are passionate about the environment! You can read more here.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Lead a hike, kayak trip, or overnight
  • Plan and coordinate a park clean-up


We are committed to environmental issues that impact our region, and our Executive Committee has identified several group priorities for 2017:

  • Public Transit
  • RDU Vision 2040 land-use plan
  • Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy
  • Dirty Fuels: Duke Energy's Integrated Resource Plan and Combined-Cycle Natural Gas Plant, fracked natural gas pipelines
  • Clean Energy: Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Justice within the Sierra Club

To get involved on any of these campaigns, or to suggest a campaign, just send us a message!


Previous Group Priorities:

Clean Energy
Political Endorsements
Sustainable Transit Policy
Jordan Lake Cleanup
Capital Area Food Network